Lontec Solar PVB Films


Lontec Solar PVB Films
High Transparency
Transparency of Lontec PVB is high that maximize efficiency of solar module.

Excellent physical performance
Most solar modules are applied on the roof or some open areas, but it is risky to be accidentally impacted. Lontec solar PVB films can enhance physical properties of solar modules. It is safer and prevent falling down of glass pieces due to glass broken.

Increase in durability
Lontec Solar PVB films can effectively withstand bad weather. With strong adhesion, high ability against humidity, good heat and UV insulation, solar module can maintain its high reliability after exposing for long time. Shelf life can extend to over 20 years.

Coloured Clear Very White Ceramic White
thickness (mm) 0.38-1.14
Width (mm) Max. 2600
Length (M) 200
Roughness (µm) Rz. 30 - 90
Room Shrinkage ≤ 3.0%
Heat Shrinkage ≤6.0%
Moisture Content 0.30 - 0.50%
Visible Light
≥87% ≥92% ≥3%
UV Rejected ≥99%
Tensile Strength (MPa) ≥20.0
Breakage Elongation ≥200%
Adhesion ≥7
Volume Resistivity ≥1 x 1012   Ω cm ≥1 x 1013   Ω cm

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