Company Profile

CNI Lontec (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. is a wholly –owned subsidiary of CN Innovations which is a member of the renowned Chung Nam Group in Hong Kong.  CN Group has an 82-year experience in watch and other businesses in Hong Kong. 
CNI Lontec is a business unit that produces high quality PVB films for laminated glass with the production base in Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province. The research and development are mainly a collaboration with one of the top tier universities in Hong Kong. 
Resembling the other units in the group, CNI Lontec products has a guarantee of excellent quality, first-class service, continuous research and development but at competitive prices.  
We are a combination of Hong Kong technology, management, capital; Japanese manufacturing experience and China scalable production. We aim at providing most cost effective solution to customers.

To save energy by high technology and waste reduction.  


To achieve a sustainable development while increasing company’s profitability, customer’s interests and social values.
Advantages of Lontec PVB Films

  1. Lontec Films has a high resistance to humidity. Even after the film is unpacked for a period of time, the water content will not increase more than 0.6%. This is particularly an advantage to production during wet weather or in humid areas. The yield rate can be kept at a high level.
  2. Lontec Films are relatively soft, non-greasy and non-sticky. The temperature required for lamination is lower than other PVB products, thus saving energy in production.
  3. Lontec Films has a higher roughness than other PVB films. The exhaustion during lamination is more effective. There will not be excess PVB leaked after lamination and the amount of bubble emission is much less.
  4. The whole material feeding process is in an all enclosed system which minimize the contamination to raw material and can ensure a better quality.
  5. Lontec has a unique mixing process, which ensures the film has an identical and stable product quality.


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